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Summer Youth Sailing Program Registration Forms



The Dana Point Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program strives to provide a safe and fun learning environment for sailors aged 6 to 16 years so they may build confidence through skill, character through challenge and experience, sportsmanship through the Corinthian spirit of the sport, and care and stewardship of the sea through the sharing of our love and knowledge of the water.

This program offers a curriculum vested in developing the skill and knowledge it takes to be a safe and effective sailor, while promoting the values of teamwork and cooperation, love and compassion, honesty and integrity, patience and respect. Through all of this, DPYC strives to contribute to a respectful community of citizens, as well as produce the next generation of sailors.
This summer DPYC is offering our distinct summer program: Sea Stars summer camp for kids 6 – 16 years old.
The Sea Stars camp is offered in eight consecutive weekly sessions operating Monday thru Friday, 9am – 4pm, from June 10 to August 9, 2024. Families may choose any or all of the sessions. 
Price per session -   $450 Non-members/$400 Members
Session 1: June 10 – June 14 
Session 2: June 17 – June 21 FULL
Session 3: June 24 – June 28 
July 1 – July 5  (no classes)
Session 4: July 8- July 12 
Session 5: July 15- July 19 
Session 6: July 22- July 26 
Session 7: July 29- August 2 FULL
Session 8: August 5- August 9 FULL
Participants are not required to be current members of Dana Point Yacht Club. Children and grandchildren of DPYC members are eligible for member pricing.
All juniors will be required to pass a swim test on their first day. The test consists of swimming laps at the DPYC guest dock, treading water, and putting on a Coast Guard approved life jacket while in the water.
In addition to the program details described below, activities offered to all sailors include weekly Wednesday afternoon “soda pop” races against other Dana Point Harbor sailing programs, guest speakers on various maritime topics, as well as an exclusive instructional “deck hand training”.
DPYC “Sea Stars” Summer Sailing Camp, Ages 6-16
The DPYC Sea Stars program will consist of thorough sailing instruction combined with traditional fun summer camp activities.
Sea Stars Level 1
An introduction to the world of sailing, this course aims to equip our newest sailors with the skills and knowledge to operate a Tera with a partner. The Level 1 curriculum emphasizes the basics of sailing terminology, seamanship skills such knot tying and rigging, boat handling (maneuvering, sail trim, capsize recovery), and the enjoyment of sailing. Throughout this course students will obtain the ability to determine wind direction, points of sail and right of way on the water. Sailors will also demonstrate the ability to tack and jibe, sail upwind and downwind and steer with a tiller. Students are encouraged to work together as a team during practice drills and cooperative activities and exhibit sportsmanship in all areas of the class. Students sail under the supervision of instructors and participate daily in classroom lessons and land-based activities.
Level 1 goals include:

  • Learning more advanced terminology e.g. windward, leeward, outhaul, halyard

  • Being able to identify the points of sail

  • Mastering capsize recovery

  • Leaving and returning to the dock properly

  • Practicing the proper hand position on the tiller

  • Securing a line to a cleat with a cleat hitch

  • Having fun!

Sea Stars Level 2
Level 2 is for young sailors who have shown progress and improvement. The course is for sailors who are ready to sail a Tera by themselves. Emphasis is placed on proper boat-handling skills, including sail trim, body positioning, weight placement, tiller use, tacking and jibing, and capsize recovery. The Level 2 course is specifically focused on developing the skills necessary for sailors to begin thinking about the racing program.
Level 2 goals include:

  • Learning to sail on all points of sailing

  • Getting out of irons

  • Starting in a sailboat race

  • Sailing a basic course

  • Tying a bowline

  • Having Fun!

The program officially begins at 9:00am though students may arrive as early as 8:30am but no earlier. Supervision is not provided prior to 8:30am.  All boats should be rigged by 9:30am. If your child requires additional time, please plan accordingly.

Pick up time is 4:00pm. Please do not cause the coaches to have to stay late to wait for you.
The parent or guardian must sign their sailor IN and OUT each day and if there is a change in plans (friend or relative to pick up the kids), please indicate at check-in. 
Generally, Sea Stars will be on the water for 2 hours in the morning, break for lunch, and sail for a few more hours in the afternoon. However, this schedule may vary depending on lessons, fieldtrips, sails around the island or out to the ocean, and adverse sailing conditions (too much or no wind).


  • Prior to May 31st:     100%

  • June 1st - June 9:     50%

  • Start of the session: no refund unless the spot can be filled. 

  • Cancellations made within 3 days of registering will be honored and refunded in full.

Daily Preparation
What to Bring:
Face covering (sun neck gaiter is best), hat, sunglasses (with croakies if desired), sunscreen, closed-toed shoes that can get wet (no exceptions), Coast Guard approved lifejacket, swimsuit, towel, change of clothes, lunch (refrigeration available for Sea Stars), and personal water bottle.
*Any medication or health equipment (Note: DPYC instructors will not administer any medications to students unless the medication is 1) presented to the instructor by the parent, 2) is accompanied by written authorization for administration, and 3) is accompanied with written directions for administration.)
What NOT to bring:
Electronics such as computers, gaming devices, or anything expensive you would not want to lose/get wet. Students may have cell phones if they are put away during program hours. DPYC is not responsible for personal items.
Lost & Found
Please clearly mark all your child’s belongings. All items left on the docks or on our grounds will be placed in the Lost and Found located in the Front Office.
Lunches must come from home in a seagull proof container and we employ a 'pack it in pack it out' policy.  Complimentary pizza lunch on Fridays for all of our young sailors.
If any individual junior is unable to maintain an appropriate level of Corinthian behavior and/or safe and appropriate conduct in the class, that junior may be asked to leave for the remainder of the session and no fees will be returned.

Safety is crucial in all our programs. Students must demonstrate comfort in and around water to participate.  We will be following these precautions:
  • Signed Medical Release Form
  • Submitted Insurance Card
  • Report all absences to the Front Desk 949-496-2900
  • Everything will be outside with minimal inside access
  • Dressed to Sail in quick drying clothing - there will be limited clothing changes - keep all belongings safe in a zippered bag.