Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote yachting, preserve tradition, and foster community.

Dana Point Yacht Club, a private club established in 1952, has a pristine facility overlooking the Point and a magnificent view of the harbor and open ocean to Catalina Island.  Our incredible membership committee and staff will encourage and foster interest in all aspects of yachting.  If you would like to be a part of the tradition, please contact one of our Membership Co-Chairs or the office and they will provide you with all the details.

Membership Advantages:
  • Outstanding junior sailing program
  • Competitive racing opportunities from local fleets to championship regattas
  • Cruising fleet activities (power and sail) with organized outings to destinations in Southern California and beyond
  • Exciting fishing excursions with monthly educational angler meetings
  • Spectacular dining and bar facilities

We are looking for members who are passionate about the sport of yachting.  Our membership process is designed to ensure the club remains true to its mission with members who love the sport. Whether you are interested in racing, cruising, fishing, or junior sailing, we welcome you.

Membership in Dana Point Yacht Club is generally available to those who have a demonstrated interest in participating in and promoting yachting in all its aspects, including, without limitation, cruising, angling and racing.  The Membership Committee and the Board of Directors will review each application for membership.   We look for proof of past yachting experience and an intent to continue. We also look for a strong desire to participate in the activities of the club.
Membership Application Requirements

General Qualifications — Any proposed member of any class shall fulfill the general qualifications of good morals and reputation and financial reliability in addition to the qualifications for a specific class of membership.

Each application will need the following:
• A sponsor who is a current Regular Member of Dana Point Yacht Club.
• Two references, preferably who are also current members of Dana Point Yacht Club.
• Applicant should have boating experience or demonstrate a strong interest in boating related activities.
• Current full equity fee, plus one-time administrative processing fee of $150.
• The application process takes one to two months.
• Attendance by the applicant at our monthly "Meet & Greet" reception is required prior to final review of the application.

Upon receipt of the application it is logged in and processed according to the date of receipt. The Membership Committee will thoroughly investigate all applicants and recommend approval or denial of membership to the Board of Directors who makes final determination of acceptance or denial.

Classes of Membership Requirements

Regular Memberships are equity memberships for persons age 18 or older who own a boat, or are current participants in boating activities, or have demonstrated a strong interest in boating.  Regular Membership is currently limited to 500. Availability of Regular Memberships may vary. 
Limited Members shall meet the requirements for Regular Members, except they shall be under the age of forty.  There is no initial membership fee.  The monthly dues are a percentage of the Regular Member dues and are based upon the age of the limited member.  A percentage of the dues paid will be applied towards the conversion to a Regular Membership.
Applicants shall be adults age eighteen through thirty-nine.  They shall be active racers who can advance the racing program of the Club and must be recommended by a Regular or Life Member.  There is no initial membership fee.  The monthly dues are a percentage of the Regular Member dues and are based upon the age of the Racing Member. 100% of the dues paid will be applied towards the conversion to a Regular Membership.
The Youth Affiliate Membership is intended to provide youths age twenty or under who are not children or grandchildren of members, an opportunity to participate in special programs of the Club under the direction of the Junior Program Chairman; or to actively participate in racing, cruising, fishing, and other related activities of the Club.
Active duty members of any branch of the military services stationed within the Southern California Yachting Association area and who meet the boating interest qualifications for Regular Members.  There is no initial membership fee.  Military Members shall pay a percentage of the Regular Member dues.  Military Members shall pay no dues during the period of their deployment.  100% of the dues paid will be applied towards the conversion to a Regular Membership.
Unmarried children and grandchildren of Regular Members or Life Members who have not reached the age of twenty-six may be Junior Members.  Junior Members may enjoy the privileges of the Club under rules adopted by the Board.
Life Membership is an honor offered by invitation only and only to those exceptional Regular Members who meet the qualification criteria. Life Membership cannot be applied for and no more than two Life Members shall be granted in any calendar year.

Criteria – Candidates for Life Membership shall have performed extraordinary service on a continuing basis over a period of at least 15 years. Such service shall demonstrate a level of dedication, excellence, enthusiasm and achievement that substantially exceeds the level expected of Club members. The Board shall establish detailed criteria and procedures for selecting Life Members.

Nomination and Election – A committee chaired by the senior-most Life Member accepting such assignment and consisting of the Junior Staff Commodore, the present Life Members, and two members at large appointed by the Board shall recommend candidates for election to Life Member. Life Members shall be elected by a three-fourths majority vote of the Board.

Current Life Members at Dana Point Yacht Club
Tom Adamson Sue Ward
Faye Berger  
Marcia Bergh  
Mary Burrough  
Gene Crabb  
Don Fletcher  
Paul Frazier  
David Griffin  
Alan Hanks   
Bob Hartung  
Dick Holmes  
Doug Jones  
Ron Malanosky  
James Martin   
David McMillin  
Jim Perkins  
Patti Pratley  
Barry Senescu  
Pat Shoemaker   
Jack Taylor  
Bruce Toffelmier   
Lawrence Wallace
Dana Point Yacht Club does not discriminate against any person for membership, employment, educational programs, or activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

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