Adult Sailing Programs

Adult Beginner Sailing:

An opportunity for members of the community to brush up on their sailing skills, or learn to sail a boat for the first time. Sailing the CJF or Capri 16, this course will cover basic boat handling, points of sail, sail trim and an introduction to small boat racing, to prepare sailors to feel comfortable sailing inside the harbor and in the open ocean.

Standard Price: $200.00
Member Price: $150.00 
Time: Fridays for 4 weeks. 

Adult Intermediate Sailing:

For individuals who are confident in their basic sailing knowledge and want to take it a step further. This course is taught on the water in an Olson 30 and covers the basics of keelboat handling, maneuvering, racing, and safety at sea. 

Standard Price: $450.00
Member Price: $300.00

Time: Mondays or Wednesdays for 4 weeks.