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More About Us

Founded in 1952, we started with 25 members and are currently almost 500 members strong, and growing. The common bond for those in the DPYC is created by their love of the ocean, a deep sense tradition, fairness & competition in boating; and their genuine love for the community in which they live and the beautiful Dana Point Harbor.

Dana Point Yacht Club has been Southern California Yachting Association's ‘Yacht Club of the Year’ several times.

Dana Point Yacht Club

Friendliest Yacht Club on the Coast

Our mission is to serve as a world class yacht club enhancing sportsmanship, racing excellence, ocean conservation
and our rich maritime heritage as leaders in the premier international yachting community.

Great Racing Tradition

The race history at Dana Point Yacht Club has its roots back to the establishment of the club in 1952 and includes the names of such individuals as Hobie Alter. Racing is part of our heritage and will always remain the core focus of our club. We believe that our Junior Sailing programs have developed not only great sailors but strong leaders in life!  DPYC also has a great cruising program, fishing fleet, and lots of fun at our social events.

The Shackle is our monthly Members' magazine. It is an online web publication distributed to all club members and Shackle advertisers.  Each issue is also available in a printable download.

Your ad will reach a very desirable target market each month and advertising rates are affordable to virtually any business or organization.

Currently ads in the Shackle are limited to DPYC Members.